Why LEAD Thermal Solutions?

Climate change is expected to increase cooling demand for buildings and affect outdoor thermal comfort, accordingly LEAD focus on increasing the effeciancy of building envelop by introducing new methods reducing the building's heat gain.

Thermal insulation in buildings contributes to reducing the size of the heating and cooling systems and the annual energy consumption drastically.

LEAD Thermal Solutions is a leading sustainable construction materials distributor that supports establishing an eco-friendly building culture.

We are a service provider and distributer of new, rapid turnaround sustainable building products for high efficiency buildings in GCC

We provide the materials, technical support and training for the installation and maintenance of these materials.

LEAD aims to provide its customers with eco-friendly, high quality building materials that support the interests of the owners in achieving the required certifications in different targeted rating systems.

LEAD provides wide range of low VOC high effective building insulation materials, like Perlite Products and Aerogel content materials

Our Mission is to provide high performance eco-friendly construction materials that enhance the overall building envelop as well as the health of buildings’ users throughout the building lifecycle

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LEAD Vision is to build upon our reputation as market leaders for supporting eco-friendly building certification and help fulfill His Highness Sheikh Zayed’s vision for a greener UAE.

Our Mission is to provide efficient and eco-friendly construction material to our community, by establishing strategic partnerships with international and local manufacturers passionate about the health of our environment and citizens.

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OUR Solutions

LEAD offers wide range of Solutions that meet or exceed the challenges requirements of GCC region environment.

Perlite Insulating, Plaster Aerogel, Insulating plaster, Aerogel Blanket

Use of LEAD products fetches you points under various categories as well as help in the overall reduction of heat gain and electricity bills, increasing inhabitants’ satisfaction and increase their productivity.

We have the best, customized solutions for you and our products provide:

  1. Reduce the walls & roofs heat gain.
  2. Reflective cool roofs & walls.
  3. High acoustical performance materials.
  4. Water repellent roofs & walls.
  5. Insulated roofs.
  6. Freedom from corrosion.
  7. Zero VOC / Water base products – Offering smell free .environment.
  8. Concrete additives that enhance the building envelope performance.
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 LEAD Thermal Solution is one of the one of the pioneers in providing Energy Efficient Building Enveloping with our wide range of innovative products, systems & services to deliver Energy Efficient Building Enveloping, Water Proofing & Corrosion Resistance.

Our Products and Services have been used in Commercial Buildings, Industrial Sheds, LEED Rated Green Buildings and Households.

LEAD Thermal Solution has two branches in GCC Region, UAE branch & Oman Branch, and based on the increasing demand on eco-buildings and sustainable building materials, the company has set plans to expand further in GCC region.

We are extensively working towards the global demand of setting up Cool Smart Cities in UAE and GCC Countries. All our products have been tested for the required standards as stated by IGBC, LEED, Estidama and BREEEAM rating systems.

LEAD Thermal Solution enjoys an excellent reputation for quality, flexibility, and reliability in its unceasing drive to ensure complete customer satisfaction in all areas.


Management Message

We are delighted to introduce LEAD Thermal Solution as one of the prominent international building materials traders specialized in eco-friendly building materials with a considerable market share in this market all over GCC for our operations in UAE & UAE branches.

In 2014, LEAD Thermal Solution in UAE celebrated 8 years of excellence and success in the building materials world. Our future plan is to become the biggest international building material firm in the GCC region by providing premium quality products to our customers and continuously increasing our product line, thereby achieving 30% - 40% yearly growth.

We also intend to expand geographically to cover the other GCC countries market by diversifying our investments and entering into new industries.

Allow me to extend my immense gratitude to all our clients who entrusted their faith and confidence in us and also to the UAE Government for their liberal & broadminded economic policy that helped our company grow to what it is today.

Hoping for your valuable patronage for all our future endeavors.

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